It’s the most wonderful time of the year ️ and we wanted to take a second to send you our best wishes.

2020 was a year like no other. Here at Disruptr we are filled with pride and gratitude for your continued support and want to wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Disruptr would like also to wish You and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter & joy, and a prosperous New Year!

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Enjoy this beautiful time of the year and we’ll see you in 2021 with new and amazing Disruptr content.

Have a safe and healthy holiday,

Or How to Choose a Blockchain Platform for Your Business

Many industries — insurance, medical, education, real estate, logistics, supply chain, finance, quality assurance — are leveraging blockchain to address existing business challenges, security, cost and efficiency among them.

Distributed Ledger Technology, where data is replicated across a network of validators and secured using cryptography, offers a solution where all participants have the most current copy of the ledger resulting in a decentralized system where transactions are transparent, instant, reliable and incorruptible.

Disruptr has developed an assessment and maturity framework to help you select the best blockchain platform.

A table overview

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and our Blockchain radar

One of your client ask us to help them bootstrap a private PoW Ethereum network for testing.

An Ethereum network is a private network if the nodes are not connected to the main network nodes. In this context private only means reserved or isolated, rather than protected or secure. Transactions are private to the nodes within the membership of the consortium.

Ethereum (as it is now) is designed as a public blockchain. It’s designed to operate in a trust-less environment and is secured through the difficulty of mining blocks and the economic reward associated with mining. …

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Disruptr GmbH recently delivered successfully a Proof of Concept (POC) to the largest and leading car leasing providers in Switzerland!

This Prototype is using 6 Corda nodes. One Corda node for each of the 5 companies: Sales, Retail, Insurer, Regulators, Cardossier and one notary node.

We have done the business analysis, conception, and development of 6 business objects (states), 110 business flows, 5 state machines. it took us 35 days of hard work to complete it.

We enjoyed using Corda for our customer because:

  • Unlike permissionless blockchain networks, transaction data between parties on Corda are private.
  • Businesses can transact directly, seamlessly and securely using P2P technologies. …

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Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. It’s about creating happy memories that will last a lifetime.

At this special time of year, we give thanks to our clients who have made our jobs easier and our lives more fulfilling. Thank you.

Disruptr wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2020.



Disruptr offer services regarding blockchain IT consulting & engineering, blockchain strategy and advisory services, Corda/Ethereum development

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